Cimke: Pictorial works

Elephant House

In Elephant House, photographer Dick Blau and historian Nigel Rothfels offer a thought-provoking study of the Oregon Zoo’s Asian Elephant Building and the daily routines of its residents—human and pachyderm alike. Without an agenda beyond a desire to build a deeper understanding of this enigmatic environment, Elephant House is the result of the authors’unique creative collaboration and explores the relationships between captive elephants and their human caregivers.

Sobotta Atlas of Human Anatomy : Tables of Muscles, Joints and Nerves

Learning with the Sobotta system Sobotta – tables of muscles, joints and nerves 60 tables assist in deepening and reviewing your knowledge: All muscles of the human body including origin, insertion, innervation and function. Matching the atlas, volumes 1 to 3, you find a schematic illustration of the original Sobotta figure for each muscle. The described muscle is highlighted in colour.Branches and supply areas of the cervical, brachial and lumbosacral plexusJoints and cranial nerves A practical learning tool for studying on the go! Each table refers to the corresponding figures in Sobotta Atlases Volumes 1 to 3.